Northern California’s wine country Napa and Sonoma, just beyond San Francisco’s Golden Gate, is a region of rolling hills pinstriped in vines and a patchwork of farms and orchards. It has an ideal climate for cultivating diverse produce, in addition to the grapes that made the area famous. This amazing blend of produce, wine, and terrain inspires some of the country’s most innovative chefs and lively vegetarian cuisine. Hundreds of wineries and eateries that include Michelin- and Zagat rated restaurants, breweries, farms and farm markets, make Sonoma and Napa Valley a farm-to-table paradise.

Discover back roads, picnic atop sun-dappled hillsides, learn, cook and taste with our chefs, relax at the Spa and experience the best of wine country lifestyle.



USA : California Wine Country Sonoma

California Cuisine and Spa experience
  • Join an award-winning cooking school
  • Meet fellow cooking enthusiasts
  • Stay at a luxury boutique hotel
  • Indulge yourself with spa treatments

Trip Length: 3-7 days

Dates: Year-round

Type: PrivateIntensive Cooking, Wine

Nearest Airport: San Francisco, Oakland


The American Cuisine

California Wine Country cuisine

The country’s premier wine region has earned its reputation among the world’s best.

Napa and Sonoma Counties are home to over 600 wineries, and it is the quality that sets the region apart – especially in Napa which competes with old-world wines and doubles as an outpost of San Francisco’s top-end culinary scene. Sonoma prides itself on agricultural diversity, with goat-cheese farms, orchards and roadside fruit stands.

Although it’s prized for innovation, the region’s cuisine is true to its roots. Early settlers from Spain and Italy brought their cuisines and shaped the area’s decidedly Mediterranean palate.

Whether grown from the fertile earth or harvested fresh from the sea, the Napa and Sonoma’s eateries embrace an eat-fresh philosophy that offers visitors a true taste of the wine country. An abundance of fresh produce, and herbs blanket the countryside, with dozens of small farms growing heirloom vegetables and fruits.

The region is also known for its artisanal cheeses. Goat cheeses, sometimes ripened with vegetable ash, add creaminess; the complex flavors and creamy or crumbly textures of blue cheese enhance simple dishes.

Cattle, sheep, and pigs graze the landscape, chickens and turkeys scratch in the pastures, and goats and cows offer up fresh milk and cheese. Dungenesss crab, salmon, and briny oysters expand menu choices.