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Orzotto with Mountain Herbs by Norbert Niederkofler

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Orzotto with Mountain Herbs by Norbert Niederkofler

Norbert Niederkofler, South Tyrol’s most famous chef, founder of the <<Cook the Mountain>> and 3 star Michelin chef of the St. Hubertus restaurant in Badia Alta returns the cycle of nature into the kitchen, with his concept of well living, plants healthy nourishment for the next generation.

Cook the Mountain is way of life inspired by the mountain and surrounding nature,  which Chef Norbert Niederkofler has applied to the kitchen and restaurant.

For this dish he is sharing with us today , basically he is using only three ingredients: Barley (Italian: orzo), fresh herbs and mountain cheese. His team has nearly always these three ingredients in their pantry.  ⁠ They love cooking this meal for their guests after they return back to the hotel from exploring the beautiful hills. ⁠
The Orzotto is made in the same style like a Risotto, in⁠ the end they add fresh chopped herbs like mountain thyme, mountain basil, verbena… and some of the mountain cheese which is super delicious.⁠

Orzotto & Mountain Herbs

From the mountains into your kitchen.
By Chef Norbert Niederkofler, Dolomites, Italy.
Course: Main Course
Cuisine: Italian


  • 200 gr Barley
  • Buttermilk
  • Mountain Cheese

Chopped Herbs

  • Sorrel- Borage- nettle- trefoil- mustard leaves- wild spinach- Lemon balm- mountain pepper- Lemon Verbena


  • Toast the barley in a pot and deglaze it some water and cook it for 35 minutes.
  • Stir the Orzotto with some goat butter and mountain cheese until it gets very creamy.
  • Fold the chopped mountain herbs into the Orzotto. The Orzotto should have a light bitter